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Heil The Fin Dynamic Microphone – White 

Product Details:
Heil Sound is pleased to introduce The Fin, exhibiting a remarkable, natural, clear sound and designed especially for live sound, recording and broadcast applications. The exceptional performance is achieved by the use of a special magnet structure with a large 1 1/8� aluminum low mass voice coil assembly similar to the Heil PR 20. The frequency response is 50 Hz – 18 kHz with that traditional Heil Sound mid range ‘bouquet’ at 4 kHz, which presents incredible brilliance and presence. The Fin exhibits a tight linear cardioid pattern. The chrome finish is a special ‘showchrome’ where the steel body is copper plated and then double chrome plated producing a deep chrome finish. A white molded internal foam windscreen inside the grill covers the Heil dynamic microphone element mounted in a specially tooled rubber shock mount.

The fun part of the new Heil The Fin is the four white L.E.D. lamps mounted inside. These can only be illuminated when using the FIN into one of the 3 pin balanced XLR inputs of a professional mixing console that supplies a + 48 volt d.c. phantom voltage down the balanced mic line.

The FIN also comes with standard 5/8� – 27 microphone stand threads which allow it to be mounted on booms or floor stands.

The microphone audio will also work into an unbalanced low impedance input used on amateur radios, communications audio or simple public announcement systems. None of these will have the proper voltage to illuminate the lamps but the microphone will work perfectly. Should you want to illuminate the lamps when used for amateur radio, etc. The FIN can be used into one of the balanced inputs of a small Behringer UB 802 (or similar) mixer or the 3 pin XLR balanced of a W2IHY 8 band equalizer, with their phantom power activated.

The FIN is terrific for vocals, instrument amplifiers, harmonica, and speech, and puts the FUN back into the dynamic microphone.

Note: For amateur radio use, a CC-1 XLR is needed to interface with your transceiver.

  • Smooth, flat response dynamic element
  • Shock-mounted large, low mass, diaphragm
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Four L.E.D. lights inside the microphone create a cool, dramatic effect and can be turned on/off via a switch on the mic
  • Integrated 5/8″ stand mount threads
  • Comes with a premium aluminum carrying case

Heil dynamic microphones are the best dynamic microphones being made today – period. In fact, Heil is one of the only companies on the planet that is innovating on the design of dynamic microphones and raising the bar on sound quality. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your mic locker, this is the place to start. Most companies make cheap microphones, mass produced in China, that cost $5 or less to produce. Heil makes their microphones in America, with parts engineered just for these microphones, using the latest manufacturing techniques.

So if you’re still using cheap Shure SM-58 and SM-57 microphones, you are really missing out. Ask yourself, why do you use the SM-58 and SM-57 on stage or in the studio? Most people say, because they know what those mics do, they know what they sound like. That’s not a good reason to keep doing what you’re doing. Simply put, compared to Heil microphones, they sound bad.

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