Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner Pedal


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The Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner Pedal is a professional-grade tuner pedal that offers unmatched accuracy and reliability. With its high-definition strobe tuning technology and clear display, it ensures precise tuning adjustments for your guitar. The pedal’s user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and customization of tuning presets. Its compact and durable design makes it perfect for gigging musicians.


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Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner Pedal

Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner Pedal strobe tuner with true-bypass operation and buffered output tuning modes for guitar, bass, Buzz Feiten, steel guitar, pedal steel, and more

The Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner Pedal boasts a high-definition, LCD screen that incorporates a variable color LED backlight. The user-selectable colors can be used to personalize the tuner or to increase display viewing quality in different levels of ambient lighting depending on the usage environment. The vibrant screen colors can also be assigned to stock or user presets to significantly reduce menu navigation time and increase on-stage tuning confidence at the gig.

  • True Strobe 0.1 Cent Accuracy – Accurate to 1/1000th of a Semitone or 1/1000th of a Fret
  • High-Definition Color Backlit Display – Can Display the Smallest Pitch Deviations
  • Chromatic Performance – Automatically Displays Note and Deviation from Center Pitch
  • Auto Transposition – Drop Tuning and Capo Settings

Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner Pedal Pure Buffer Mode Operation

Does your love for effect-driven musical chaos require a massive pedal board? Need that XL cable for jumping off the stack during your face melting solo? No problem!

The StroboStomp HD features a PURE buffer mode to preserve the sonic clarity of your axe while enabling you to run a collection of pedals and long cable lengths without compromise.

100% Pop-less True Bypass

We’ve redesigned and greatly improved the way incoming signal was handled in true-bypass mode to deliver a perfectly silent experience when muting your signal.

A dual relay circuit effectively bleeds out any incoming signal before powering the tuner down resulting in a silent transition without affecting tone quality.

Easy To Read Display

The multi-color display on the StroboStomp HD is easy to see – even in direct sunlight! The strobe image and note name appear monochromatic in direct sunlight making it very easy to view what is going on with your tuning when playing outdoors.

Tune confidently with the largest strobe and note name pattern ever designed into a pedal tuner.Sweetened Tunings What they do for your instrument

Sweetened Tunings are exclusive presets are instrument specific – optimized tunings – that are designed to compensate for an instrument’s shortcomings to help increase its playability across a broader range of notes. Brighter and cleaner tones can be achieved using these proprietary Sweetened presets that are currently available for over 135 instrument types in the StroboStomp HD. Use our presets or create your own via Peterson Connect (visit our website) and load them in via the USB port.

Available Instrument Groups

  • Guitar and Bass
  • Steel Guitar
  • Bluegrass Instruments
  • Buzz Feiten Equipped Instruments
  • Orchestral/Harp/World
  • Guided Numbered Tunings

We All See Color Differently

The LCD display on the StroboStomp HD is easy to see in bright lighting conditions but the LED backlight color is user-adjustable to suit your particular viewing preference. Globally change the display color for all functions or choose to associate colors with specific tunings for easy and quick identification at the gig. Create custom colors on Peterson Connect or use any of the 10 preset colors to organize your preset tuning list.

How Does It Work? Not familiar or never used a strobe tuner? No problem!

Every Peterson strobe tuner is a genuine strobe tuner that allows you to achieve extreme tuning resolution due to the nature of its display – placing it into ‘strobe mode’ is not required. In fact, the displays inside every one of our products provide the same tuning feedback as our renowned mechanical tuning strobes; more commonly referred to as ‘spinning wheel’ strobes.

Watch our ‘Why Peterson’ video series for greater detail on how our products work and what they can do for you and your instrument.

When the Display…

  • Moves to downward – your tuning is flat.
  • Moves to the upward – your tuning is sharp.
  • The faster the displays scrolls, the further you are from tune.
  • The tuning bands will slow and begin to lock the closer you come into tune.
  • When the tuning bands momentarily stop just after the attack of the note, the note is in tune.

Peterson StroboStomp HD Guitar Tuner Pedal Features:

  • High-Definition Strobe Tuning: The StroboStomp HD utilizes Peterson’s renowned high-definition strobe tuning technology, providing an incredibly precise tuning experience. It offers an ultra-smooth and fluid tuning display, allowing you to fine-tune your instrument with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Wide Tuning Range: This tuner pedal supports a wide range of tuning options, including chromatic, guitar, bass, and alternate tunings. It can accurately tune instruments with up to six strings, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles and instruments.
  • Bright and Clear Display: The StroboStomp HD features a large and vibrant high-definition display that is easy to read in any lighting condition. The display provides real-time feedback on your instrument’s tuning, ensuring quick and accurate adjustments.
  • True Bypass: With its true bypass design, the pedal maintains the integrity of your signal when the tuner is not in use. This ensures that your tone remains unaffected, allowing for seamless integration into your pedalboard setup.
  • Built-In Active DI: The StroboStomp HD includes a built-in active DI (Direct Input), allowing you to connect your instrument directly to a mixer or audio interface. This feature ensures a clean and noise-free signal transfer, making it ideal for live performances and studio recordings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The pedal features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and access various tuning settings. It offers customizable tuning presets, adjustable concert A reference, and various tuning temperament options, allowing you to personalize your tuning preferences.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of live performances, the StroboStomp HD is housed in a rugged and roadworthy metal chassis. Its compact size ensures it won’t take up much space on your pedalboard, while the sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting durability.
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