Zoom Digital Multitrack Recorder (L-20R)


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Only 1 left in stock

The Zoom LiveTrak L-20R is a rack-mountable digital mixer that allows musicians to control their live mix right from the stage. With wireless control, 20 discrete channels, 22 tracks of recording and six custom monitor mixes, the L-20R offers a complete solution for any venue.


  • 20 discrete channels (16 mono plus 2 stereo) with XLR or ΒΌ-inch connectivity
  • 22-track simultaneous recording, 20-track playback
  • 22-in/4-out USB audio interface connectivity
  • Records up to 24bit/96kHz audio to SD card
  • Built-in compression control (Channels 1-16)
  • Main outputs plus 6 customizable monitor outputs
  • Dedicated headphone output for sound engineer
  • Instantly recall up to 9 different scene settings including monitor mixes, EQ settings, effects, and more
  • 20 built-in chorus, delay and reverb effects with adjustable parameters
  • Connect our L-20 Control iPad app via Bluetooth for full control of your mix.
  • Connect 6 additional iPads via WiFi for control of 6 customizable monitor mixes.
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