Tune-Bot Studio TBS-001 Digital Drum Tuner – Clip-On Tuner for Acoustic Drum Kits


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The Tune-Bot brings drum tuning into the digital age, enabling tens of thousands of drummers worldwide to sound better and tune faster! The Tune-Bot Studio has all the ground-breaking features of the original Tune-Bot, plus many more. The new model offers more reliable readings, a higher frequency range (better for tuning snare drums), a four-color display, streamlined keypad, and improved kit-saving options, all in a performance package that’s easier to understand and operate.

  • ENHANCED ACCURACY – With Difference Mode and Filter Mode, the Tune-Bot Studio improves tuning accuracy and ensures each drum in your kit will sound exactly as you want, allowing for greater creativity in your music.
  • SAVE AND RECALL PITCHES – With the Tune-Bot Studio, you can save and record pitch for 5 kits, each with up to 10 drums. Now you can feel free to play around with different drum set sounds, all while keeping enough alternatives you can go back to.
  • FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO USE – The Tune-Bot Studio makes matching your lug pitches much easier. Just clip onto any standard drum rim and, in a few minutes, you can quickly pinpoint which lug needs adjustment to achieve the sound you’ve been looking for.
  • FREE APP SUPPORT – Tune-Bot Studio comes with a free tuning calculator app for Android and Apple devices which tells you the ideal way to tune for the sound you want to achieve. With these tools, you’ll be able to recreate a wide range of drum sounds.
  • ROBUST DESIGN – With its hard plastic case, Tune-Bot Studio is sturdy enough for travel in a stick bag or hardware case.


The sturdy clip of the Tune-Bot Studio clamps firmly and easily onto any drum hoop. Once you strike the drum, Tune-Bot will begin to filter out overtones and provide you with the most accurate pitch measurement of individual lugs in both frequency (Hz) and note.


With the ability to select between standard and high pitch ranges, Tune-Bot can be used on your entire drum kit. From deep bass drums to high snare drums, Tune-Bot accommodates any setup.


Whether you’re changing your setup, playing on a set that’s not your own, or just experimenting with different drum tones, you can quickly and easily tune your set to a sound you’ve used before. Tune-Bot lets you save and recall pitch for 5 kits with up to 10 drums each, allowing you to have consistency in the way your drums sound.


  • Lug pitch and overall pitch measurements in frequency or notes
  • Overtone filters
  • Difference mode
  • High pitch range for snares
  • Store and save settings for 5 kits with up to 10 drums each
  • Easy-to-read color display
  • Sturdy plastic case
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