Seymour Duncan 11014-15-Z Antiquity Jazz/JB Humbucker Pickup Set (Zebra)

Seymour Duncan

Only 2 left in stock



Only 2 left in stock

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Jazz/JB Humbucker Pickup Set (Zebra)

It’s been over three decades since Seymour Duncan created the first production JB and Jazz Modelâ„¢pickups. If you were to come across a set of those early production pickups, whether on eBay or in an old guitar, what would they look and sound like today?

That’s always the question Seymour considers with Antiquity™ pickups�new pickups designed to look and sound like old ones, courtesy of a proprietary aging process. In the case of the JB and Jazz, though, Seymour has intimate knowledge from guitars in his own possession.

The Antiquity JB/Jazz Set represents the first of the 1970s-era pickups given the Antiquity treatment.

Sound: Rich harmonics, and a balance of sustain, distortion, and clarity, buffered by the mellowing effect of aged magnets and years of simulated sweat, dust, and oxidation.

For: Connoisseurs of the best of the historic Seymour Duncan sounds.

Instrument: Dual-humbucker guitars; Antiquity pickups especially enhance the well-loved appearance of old guitars.

Players: Seymour W. Duncan, hundreds of guitarists who own original production JB and Jazz Model pickups, and those who wish they did.


DC Resistance

  • Jazz 7.72k Ohms
  • JB 16.4k Ohms

Resonant Peak Frequency

  • Jazz 7 kHz
  • JB 5.5 kHz

Both pickups include:

  • Electronic and cosmetic aging
  • Long Mounting Legs
  • Single Conductor Wire
  • Maple Spacer
  • Butyrate Bobbins
  • Custom De-Gaussed Rough Cast Alnico V Bar Magnets
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