LR Baggs Radius-M Mandolin Pickup with external Jack Mount

LR Baggs

Only 1 left in stock



Only 1 left in stock

LR Baggs Mandolin Pickup with external Jack Mount

  • Radius Pickup
  • Mounting Putty
  • Clear Adhesive Pads
  • Permanent VHB Pads
  • External Jack Mount

The Radius mandolin pickup is a hi tech contact sensor that was designed to emulate the sound of a mic without the instability associated with microphones. The pickup installs easily to the instrument with mounting putty that is non destructive to its finish. Inside of the pickup’s housing is a highly flexible film sensor that responds much like a mic diaphragm. The sensor is held in equilibrium and damped by opposing neodymium magnets that allow the pickup to respond to the instruments most subtle nuances.

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  1. Tim (verified owner)

    Works great. It was easy to quickly set it up and test it when I got it. I have two mandolins and the Loar LM-310F F-Style Mandolin is the one I will use this on. I have it at the tightest possible I can get it and it is not quite tight enough to have a strong hold. But it is staying on so far, though I have not used it a lot yet. I would give it a 5 if it could go a little tighter. Looks like I will have to get it installed permanently.