ISOVOX 2 Home Vocal Booth


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The ISOVOX 2 Home Vocal Booth is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide professional-quality vocal recordings in the comfort of your own home. With its innovative design, superior sound isolation, and ease of use, this portable vocal booth creates an optimized environment for capturing pristine vocals, free from unwanted room reflections and background noise.


Only 1 left in stock

ISOVOX 2 Home Vocal Booth

The ISOVOX 2 Home Vocal Booth revolutionizes the way vocalists record in home studios. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing advanced sound isolation technology, this portable vocal booth offers exceptional acoustic performance and convenience for achieving studio-quality vocal recordings.

ISOVOX 2 Home Vocal Booth Features

  • Superior Sound Isolation: The ISOVOX 2 utilizes innovative materials and construction techniques to provide outstanding sound isolation. Its multi-layer design effectively reduces external noise and eliminates room reflections, allowing you to focus on your vocals without the distractions of background sounds.
  • Portable and Easy to Set Up: This vocal booth is lightweight and designed for easy portability. With its foldable construction and compact size, you can effortlessly set up your vocal booth anywhere, transforming any room into a professional recording space in minutes.
  • Optimized Acoustic Environment: The ISOVOX 2 creates an optimized acoustic environment for vocal recording. Its interior is lined with specially designed diffusion panels that reduce unwanted reflections and resonances, resulting in a controlled and balanced sound for your vocals.
  • Microphone Stand Compatibility: The vocal booth is equipped with a microphone stand holder, allowing you to securely mount your microphone within the booth. This ensures precise positioning and optimal capture of your vocals, without the need for additional stands or accessories.
  • Integrated Ventilation System: The ISOVOX 2 features an integrated ventilation system that ensures proper airflow and prevents excessive heat buildup during recording sessions. This keeps you comfortable and allows for extended recording sessions without compromising the quality of your vocals.
  • LED Lighting: The vocal booth is equipped with built-in LED lights that provide adjustable illumination inside the booth. This allows you to set the desired lighting conditions for your recordings, creating a comfortable and visually appealing environment.
  • Space for Additional Equipment: The ISOVOX 2 offers ample space to accommodate additional equipment, such as audio interfaces, headphones, and small accessories. This keeps your essential gear within reach, allowing for a streamlined and efficient recording workflow.
  • Compatible with Various Microphones: The vocal booth is designed to accommodate a wide range of microphone types and sizes, ensuring compatibility with your preferred microphone for recording. Whether you use a large-diaphragm condenser microphone or a dynamic microphone, the ISOVOX 2 provides a suitable space for optimal performance.

Elevate your vocal recordings to a professional level with the ISOVOX 2 Home Vocal Booth. Designed for home studios and vocalists on the go, this portable vocal booth offers exceptional sound isolation, optimized acoustics, and ease of use. Create pristine recordings, free from room reflections and unwanted noise, and experience the convenience of a professional vocal environment wherever you are. Capture every nuance of your voice with the ISOVOX 2, the ultimate vocal booth solution for home recording.


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  • Designed and Optimized for Professional Use
  • Record with Unmatched 360 Studio Acoustics at Home
  • Practice Vocals without Disturbing Anyone
  • 100% Portable Assembly
  • Includes Flex-on Mic Holder, Mic-Pole 5/8″, and LED-Lamp; Stand Sold Separately