iCON Pro Audio Optional Display for P1 system – With Timecode


Only 2 left in stock



Only 2 left in stock

Enhance your control surface experience with the optional D4T OLED Display for P1-M and the optional D4 OLED Display for P1-X. These displays provide a streamlined approach to mix monitoring, offering valuable visual feedback even when your focus isn’t on the computer screen. Enjoy a vibrant and crystal-clear view of channel metering, stereo pan positioning, and track names via the OLED display. When fine-tuning plugins with your controller, both the D4T and D4 provide convenient access to visual data regarding your plugin and EQ parameters. The D4T features a spacious LCD display that prominently displays SMPTE time code or beat clock (bars.beats.ticks), ensuring precise synchronization. Additionally, these displays can reveal channel colors (subject to your DAW transmitting this data via the Mackie Control Protocol), further enhancing your workflow.

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