HK Audio EA600 Elements Power Amp Module


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The EA 600 Power amp module is Class-D power amp that delivers 600 watts at 4 ohms. Sharing the E 435 Mid/High unit’s elegant design, the EA 600 is a perfect visual and mechanical match. A rotary selector lets you choose a special EQ setting to match the number of connected E 435s and optimize the frequency response for a column of that height. The power amp module is ventilated from the front. One EA 600 can power up to four E 435 units; two E 435units plus one E 110 Passive Subwoofer; or simply two E 110 Passive Subwoofers.


  • Class-D power amp with 600 watts output
  • Four EQ filter settings to match the system configuration
  • Efficient Front-venting design
  • Rugged extruded aluminum housing featuring integrated E-Connect bus
  • Exceedingly light weight (6.1 lbs.)
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