ENTTEC ODE MK3 Two-universe Bidirectional DMX Ethernet Gateway


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The Enttec ODE MK3 DMX Ethernet Gateway empowers lighting designers and creators to control two universes of lighting with bidirectional communication, seamless integration, and real-time feedback. Elevate your craft and create unforgettable moments with this trusted tool. Order now and embark on a journey of visual enchantment.


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Seamless Lighting Control with Enttec ODE MK3 DMX Ethernet Gateway


Illuminate Your Vision with Effortless Precision

Experience the future of lighting control with the Enttec ODE MK3 DMX Ethernet Gateway. Ignite your creativity and immerse yourself in a world of dynamic illumination that captivates and amazes. Elevate your lighting game and transform any space into a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Your Gateway to Mesmerizing Lighting:

  • Two Universe Support: Harness the power of controlling two universes of lighting, giving you the flexibility to create intricate and captivating displays.
  • Bidirectional Communication: Feel the thrill of real-time feedback, ensuring your lighting cues respond instantaneously, putting you in complete control.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly connect and synchronize your lighting fixtures, guaranteeing a harmonious and immersive lighting experience.

 Enttec ODE MK3 Empowers Your Creativity

Imagine the feeling of standing amidst a symphony of lights, each movement and transition orchestrated to perfection. With the Enttec ODE MK3, you hold the reins of this visual masterpiece, allowing your artistic vision to unfold with unparalleled precision.

ODE MK3 is Lighting, Elevated

Step into a world where your ideas come to life, where each beam of light evokes emotion and tells a story. The Enttec ODE MK3 empowers you to create unforgettable moments, leaving your audience in awe and craving for more.

Trusted by Lighting Innovators:

Join the ranks of lighting designers, event planners, and creators who trust the Enttec ODE MK3 to deliver flawless performances. Your pursuit of excellence deserves a tool that is as dedicated to perfection as you are.

Ignite the Spark:

Your passion for extraordinary lighting deserves a partner that shares your dedication. Elevate your craft with the Enttec ODE MK3 DMX Ethernet Gateway. Experience the thrill of seamless control, the satisfaction of flawless execution, and the sheer joy of illuminating your world.

Ready to Illuminate Your Ambitions? Order the Enttec ODE MK3 now and embark on a journey of visual enchantment. Elevate your lighting to new heights and make every moment shine.


The ODE MK3 is a robust, reliable, installation-grade, Ethernet to DMX converter engineered to connect DMX fixtures to your Ethernet network infrastructure. Now you can expand your lighting project to the next level.

With two Universes of bi-directional eDMX to DMX conversion and Art-RDM support, the ODE MK3 is compatible with a wide range of devices and allows for fast deployment of your DMX system. Simply connect, configure and take control!

Additionally, this Ethernet to DMX/RDM gateway is packed with installer-friendly features for a speedy installation and configuration, all managed through a web UI – and contained in a compact, portable form factor.

  • Two bi-directional female 5-pin DMX ports with optional RDM (E1.20) support.
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) or DC 12-24V input.
  • Support for Art-Net 4, sACN and ESP to DMX conversion.
  • Support for DMX -> Art-Net (Broadcast or Unicast) / DMX -> sACN (Multicast or Unicast).
  • Intuitive device configuration and updates through the inbuilt localhost web interface.
  • 10/100 Mbps network speed.
  • ‘Current Port Buffer’ allows live DMX values to be viewed in the web UI.
  • Configurable DMX output refresh rate.

Sync mode

All ENTTEC Ethernet hardware accepts ArtSync to fully synchronise Art-Net data across your installation when receiving Art-Net from the same source to protect against content tearing and ensure a professional looking output across your rig.

Time-saving and installer-friendly

This Ethernet to DMX converter is packed with installer-friendly features including industry standard 5-pin XLR ports to simplify wiring.

Also, a ‘Current Port Buffer’ within the web interface allows live DMX values to be viewed from the localhost web interface to troubleshoot your installation. Upon receiving power, the device is ready to for action within seconds.

While its compact size makes the ODE MK3 ideal for small jobs on the run, it’s also perfect for larger, fixed installations like this bar in Tamworth, Australia.The ruggedized 5pin XLR DMX ports can be used as either input or output and provide secure robust connection for your data cabling.The ODE MK3’s LED status system lets you know exactly what your device is doing.Monitor activity

The LED indicators allows you to monitor connectivity & status in a quick glance.


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