Enttec 70303 Open DMX USB Lighting Interface Controller Widget (Open Source/Hardware Only)


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In stock

Do not order this product if you are unsure if it is compatible with your software. You can contact ENTTEC support or check specs before placing an order!


Bells and whistles are great if you need them. If you don’t, you want maximum value from minimum spend. Open DMX USB gives you just what you want, and need in a USB-based interface for controlling your DMX lights. Enjoy reliable, no-fuss control of 512 channels, and full compatibility with a range of programs.

Recommended Apps
DMXControl (Windows)
Freestyler (Windows)
Q Light Controller+ (QLC+) (Win / Mac / Linux)

Compatible Apps
Capture Atlas using DMX 2 ESP (Windows)
DMX 4 Linux (Linux)
DMX USB 2 ESP (Windows)
DMXDesk 9 – VB Sample (Windows)
DigiSelect (Windows)
FootLight (Mac OSX)
Jinx! LED Matrix Control (Windows)
LightFactory (Windows)
Lightforge (Windows)
Lightkey (Mac OSX)
Lightning DmxControl (Mac OSX)
Lights UP (Windows)
Martin M-PC (Windows)
VirtualLightDesk (Mac OSX)
Vixenlights (Windows)


  • Lowest Cost USB interface with minimal features (open source / hardware only)
  • Standard 5pin DMX port (output only), Includes USB Cable
  • Control up to 512 DMX Channels
  • Compatible with a wide range of 3rd Party Software (Check list) Open Source
  • Mainly used for DMX testing only!!!

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