DOBANI 16-Inch 9-Note Steel Tongue Drum, Tanpura Tuning – Antique Gold

Mid East

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16-Inch steel tongue drum with Tanpura tuning and an antique silver powder coating. Tanpura is a drone instrument used mainly in melodic music. The sound of the tanpura is the very frame of reference on which the entire melody rests. It provides a meditative and calming environment besides providing support and sustain to another melody instrument. A characteristic feature of the tanpura is that its sound is very rich in overtones. This produces a special rich sound which helps the listener to transcend. Our tanpura drum has a set of 9 notes: C#3 D#3 F#3 G#3 B3 C#4 D#4 F#4 G#4. Playing the drum will help you in creating a very peaceful and serene environment. Included are 2 beaters and a economy gig bag.

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