Decksaver DSP-PC-X32 Pro Behringer X32 Console Mixer Cover


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In stock

Designed and engineered specifically for the Behringer X32 digital mixing desk. Manufactured from polycarbonate, a tough and transparent plastic – hardwearing and impact resistant making it an essential investment. Rigorously tested before it carries our name. The cover shields faders and knobs from dust, liquids and other damaging elements. Accommodates cables and encases controllers. Recommended by the industry – used by individuals!


  • Cover shields control surface, faders, and knobs from impacts, dust, liquids and other damaging elements
  • Designed to fit the Behringer X32 professional mixing console
  • Made of polycarbonate, a hardwearing plastic used in bullet proof glass
  • Covers while cables remain connected. Cover unit during use to avoid accidental mix changes, or when remotely controlling console
  • Strong. attractive protection for your console

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