Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z Mic Activator with Vari-Z and Vari-HPF


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The Cloud Microphones CL-Z mic activator solves issues with your mics you may not even know you had. It uses phantom power from your preamp to power its dynamic-mic-maximizing mojo. It’s got variable input impedance – every mic works best at a certain impedance, and the CL-Z lets you find it. It’s also got a variable low-cut filter, so you can cut unwanted low-end rumble out of your signal before it even reaches your preamp. And with +12 to +24 of output gain, you’ll be able to maximize your low-output dynamic and ribbon mics even when using long cable runs. In your studio, it gives you easy access to useful microphone – just plug your mic into the CL-Z and leave it right by the mic stand for quick tweaks. In a live setting, it makes sure that whatever the mics capture on-stage is maximized before it ever reaches the mixing board, leading to a better-sounding performance. No matter what you do with microphones, the CL-Z mic activator will make them sound their best! Cloud Microphones CL-Z Mic Activator Features at a Glance: Easy way to optimize your mic’s signal quality, with problem-solving features and fantastic sonic quality Variable input impedance lets you get the best sound out of any mic Low-cut filter is variable from 20Hz-250Hz to cut out unwanted rumble, optimizing your signal before it even hits your favorite preamp Great way to increase the output of ribbon and dynamic mics without coloring their sound Rugged steel enclosure makes it reliable both on-stage and in the studio Requires phantom power from your mic preamp


  • Maximizes your microphone’s signal quality
  • Impeccable sonic quality
  • Get the best sound from any mic with the variable input impedance
  • Low-cut filter variable from 20Hz-250Hz
  • Great way to transparently increase the output of ribbon and dynamic mics

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