Arturia Minilab MKII Inverted Keyboard + Pig Hog 6ft MIDI Cable BUNDLE Features a Great-Feeling Keybed with 25 Slim Keys, 16 Knobs, 8 Pads and Touch Controls in a Space Saving Package


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In stock

Arturia Minilab MKII Inverted The perfect creative companion Don’t let the MiniLab MkII’s compact form factor fool you. It’s powerful, hands-on and unrivalled in quality, built to streamline your creative process. Portable, yet fully featured. Lightweight but rugged. MiniLab MkII is the new go-to small controller for producers in the know. Pig Hog 6ft MIDI Cable Pig Hog Midi cables feature heavy duty molded 5 pin connectors with built in strain relief, with an extra-thick, tough PVC sleeve that is built to last. Our special wire is designed to maintan signal integrity without compromise, and to avoid kinks and tangles.

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