Arturia MICROFREAK Synthesizer with Poly-aftertouch Flat Keyboard Bundle + Samson Headphones + Power Adapter & Liquid Audio Polishing Cloth (5 Items)


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In stock

Exclusively from Liquid Audio, this Arturia MicroFreak + Samson SR350 Headphones bundle is all you need to get started!

Whether you’re looking for your first, affordable hardware synth or are a collector looking for original sounds and unique interface, MicroFreak is the synth you need.This out-there little music machine features a versatile digital oscillator so you can create rare and interesting sounds with ease. Modes like Wavetable, KarplusStrong, Harmonic OSC, and Superwave give adventurous musicians the chance to explore totally new, unheard possibilities. Like having dozens of synths in just one instrument, both wild-eyed newcomers and seasoned professionals will fall in love with MicroFreak’s flexible, powerful synth engine.Small but fierceMicroFreak packs so much in to such a compact instrument, you’ll wonder how we did it. We’d love to say it was magic, but it was pure skill and passion.Physical modelling, wavetable synthesis, virtual analog, there is nothing as complete and exciting as the MicroFreak oscillator on the market. It’s hard to believe from such a small synth, but here it is, ready for you to explore. Excite your creativity and reward your curiosity with a large, diverse sound palette. MicroFreak features 12 awesome oscillators, 5 bespoke Arturia engines, and 7 modes from Mutable Instruments.There’s a little freak inside you, and this instrument will bring it out.

  • INCLUDES – Arturia MicroFreak + Samson SR350 Headphones + Power Adapter + MIDI Adapters + Liquid Audio Polishing Cloth
  • 25-key Paraphonic Hybrid Hardware Synth with Poly-aftertouch
  • Flat Keyboard
  • Wavetable and Digital Oscillators
  • Modulation Matrix
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