Arturia Drumbrute IMPACT Analog Drum Machine


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In stock

A sound like no other

DrumBrute Impact’s sounds were designed from the ground up to stand out and get noticed. Each featuring a distinct, unique flavor, with a strong overall “kit” sound that will deliver the punch and power you need.

DrumBrute Impact features 10 discrete drum sounds each with their own independent sequencer track. Hands-on analog controls let you adjust and tweak the sounds on the fly, letting you tailor DrumBrute Impact’s sound for tight, choppy performances. Open up the decay to let the sounds breathe; raise the pitch and tone for crisp, snappy parts or lower them for big, booming power. The choice is yours.

On top of independent volume controls, every drum aside from the cowbell features a selection of unique parameters that vary its tone, pitch, shape, or synth properties. The following audio examples let you hear the range of sound available for each instrument:


Pounding bass drum with nice attack transients and variable pitch and decay

Snare 1

A big-bodied snare with great, editable snap and decay

Snare 2

A trashy, clap-like snare, with adjustable tone and decay

Tom High

Simple but powerful high tom with sweepable pitch

Tom Low

Pants-shaking low tom that can get so low you could use it as a 2nd kick


Zingy, metallic crash with adjustable decay


A simple but effective percussive cowbell

Closed Hat

Hard-hitting hat with variable tone that also effects the Open Hat

Open Hat

Open up the hat sound with changeable decay with a mute controlled by the Closed Hat

FM Drum

A percussive synth voice with adjustable carrier pitch, decay, FM amount, and mod pitch

Already a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the depth and power of its all-analog sounds, DrumBrute Impact still has a few more tricks up its sleeve…

Box contents

  • DrumBrute Impact unit
  • Power supply

Size & weight

  • Instrument size : 13.5 x 9.6 x 2.2 inches (342 x 243 x 57mm)
  • Instrument weight : 4 lbs. (1.84 Kg)

Main Features

  • 10 pure analog sounds: Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Tom Hi, Tom Low, Cowbell, Cymbal, Closed Hat, Open Hat, and FM Sound
  • 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
  • Separate accent per drum
  • Optional Color sound-shaping on all instruments (except Cowbell)
  • Song mode for chaining patterns
  • Polyrhythm capabilities: each drum track can be a separate length
  • Swing: global or per instrument
  • Randomness: generate pattern variations
  • Pattern Looper for beat repeat functions
  • Roller for real time instruments rolls
  • Output Distortion with bypass
  • Smart metronome with headphone override
  • Multiple sync options: Internal / MIDI / Clock, including 1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24, and DIN48
  • USB MIDI interface
  • Master output, & optional individual audio outputs for Kick, Snares, Hats and FM Sound
  • 3.5mm headphone output


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