ART MacroMIX Mini Mixer


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In stock

ART MacroMIX Mini Mixer The MacroMIX gives you 4 channels with level controls, a variety of input types, and active mixing circuitry. Use this mini mixer from ART for all kinds of situations in the studio, such as solving level mismatches, sub-mixing of instruments, cable testing, preamping mics or turntables, etc.

  • 4 input channels: dual RCA inputs on channels 1 and 2, 1/4″ or dual RCA inputs on channel 3, and 1/4″ unbalanced input on channel 4
  • Level control on each channel
  • L/R RCA outputs
  • 1/4″ line out/stereo headphone output
  • Active preamplification and mixing circuitry
  • Input Impedance: 10K ohms unbalanced
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