Apex 326 High SPL Dynamic Microphone




Apex 326 High SPL Dynamic Microphone

  • High Impact ABS Microphone Body for Reduced Weight on Drum Rim
  • Rugged ABS Drum Rim Clip
  • Handles Extremely High SPL without Distortion or Capsule Overload
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern Reduces Cross Talk Between Adjacent Mics
  • Gold Plated Pins on XLR Connectors for Improved Signal Transfer

Product Description

Ideally suited for the demanding job of miking the snare and toms, the Apex326 is designed from the ground up for drum kit. Made of a rugged ABS casing to protect the mic’s elements from the occasional stick hit that is inevitable over a drumhead.

The Apex326 has a cardioid polar pattern offering maximum rejection 180 degrees off axis and can easily handle up to 145dB SPL at the input. The tight cardioid pickup pattern also helps the front-of-house engineer further define the drum mix by separating the toms from crosstalk between mics.

This becomes more and more important as the mic signal is often used to trigger any of the drum modules currently in the marketplace, as well as feed the front of house drum mix cleanly and with definition.

It comes equipped with a rubber shock-absorbing clip made for mounting on the drum rim. This clip is solid, designed not to shift position or to damage the drum’s chrome or brass rim.

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