Avantone Audio MixCubes Full Range Mini Reference Monitors - Pair

Avantone Audio
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What do your mixes sound like outside the studio — out there in the "real" world? Keep a pair of Avantone's MixCubes mini reference monitors at the ready and you'll know. After you dial in that monster mix on your super-accurate studio monitors, keep in mind that somebody's going to hear it on earbuds or on a crummy car stereo. Or on tiny computer speakers. MixCubes let you hear your stuff the way it's going to be heard out there, so you can optimize your mixes. These cool little 'Cubes are loaded with quality, from their speaker and cabinet construction to their connections. Want to make your tunes translate? Check 'em out on MixCubes first!


  • General
  • Size: Near-field
  • System type: Passive
  • Configuration: Single driver
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