Allen & Heath AH-ZED-XB-14/2 14 Channel Broadcast Mixer Console 2-Day Delivery

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Allen & Heath XB-14 14 Channel Broadcast Console

  • 4 XLR/TRS mic/line mono inputs
  • 2 telephone hybrid telco channels
  • 3 band EQ
  • Talk to audience/talk to caller facilities
  • Control room outputs with remote mute

Product Description
Compact, cost effective, and versatile, Allen & Heath's Zed XB-14 radio broadcast console is designed for a broad range of applications from a small radio or internet broadcast studios, to larger studios with multiple rooms, house of worship radio, university radio and community radio. With a built-in USB computer interface (Mac and Windows compatible), the Zed XB-14 features multiple features specifically for broadcasters, including Dual telephone communication modules with clean feed outputs for telephone callers, Mic fader start sensing for external connection and internal automatic muting of the speaker outputs, stereo channel start/cur outputs for CD deck transport control, seperate cue mixes for guests as well as engineer an audition bus and much more. Two multi-pin connectors on the back of the Zed XB-14 enable it to be set-up for a number of remote control functions. The mixer senses when the faders are being moved, and these movements can trigger other equipment in the studio. The faders on the stereo channels can send start and cue commands to compatible external CD players. The fader start sensors on the microphone channels can be set to mute the control room speaker outputs to avoid feedback, as well as trigger on air lights, etc. A third rear multi-pin output can be used to feed the main outputs to external metering equipment. The Telco inputs can accept a feed from a telephone interface module that provides a clean feed output (CLF). A dedicated Telco output can be fed back to the external telephone interface which provides the mix minus the caller's voice, which helps prevent feedback. The USB connectivity can be used to record the program audio on your computer's recording software, or to playback files from your computer to feed the radio broadcast. The Zed XB-14 is well-equipped for present day and future challenges in broadcasting.