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Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

  • Fully native Thunderbolt Audio Interface
  • 2 in 2 out ADA conversion @ 24-bit / 192kHz
  • Extremely low latency
  • LED light gain meters
  • MixEfx software mixer included

The Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Converter There's no faster way to get audio in and out of your computer.

If you're recording music or performing onstage with a Mac computer that's got a Thunderbolt port, you'll definitely want to check out the Zoom TAC-2, which utilizes advanced technology for blazing speed and amazing high-resolution sound. The lightweight and portable TAC-2 is also easy to use, with a single rotary knob controlling all parameters.

  • 2-in/2-out high speed Thunderbolt audio interface
  • Support for up to 24-bit/192kHz audio, with ultra-low latency for virtually instantaneous recording and playback
  • Dual combo mic- / line-level input connectors plus a dedicated Hi-Z input jack for instruments like electric guitar and bass
  • Dual balanced TRS output jacks for connection to amplifiers or self-powered speakers
  • Dedicated headphone jack with independent level control
  • Bus powered—no AC power or batteries required
  • Works with all Thunderbolt-equipped Macintosh computers running OS X 10.6.8 or later

Why Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt is the interconnection technology of the future. More than twice as fast as USB 3.0 and twenty times faster than USB 2.0, it allows digital signal to be routed to and from your computer at astonishingly high speeds for virtually instantaneous audio recording and playback. The higher bus power carried by Thunderbolt also enables the use of high-end electronic components for better sound quality, plus stable phantom power for connected condenser microphones.

Enhanced software functionality

Zoom's free TAC-2 MixEfx Macintosh application enables you to boost the functionality of your TAC-2 further still. It allows you to set mix parameters and add high-quality effects such as reverb and echo; you can also apply a low cut filter, do phase reversal, or set AUTO GAIN for each input independently. In addition, there's a LOOPBACK function that blends the input signal with the playback signal for zero latency, as well as three memory slots for saving user settings with quick recall.