ART P48 48-Pt Patchbay 2-Day Delivery

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ART P48 (48-Pt Patchbay)
  • 48-Pt Patchbay
  • Affordable, Dependable Patchbay! Patchbay Audio
  • 48-point Patchbay with 1/4" TRS Jacks and Normal/Half-normal Operation
Product Description
Face it, a patchbay is a smart investment. It tidies things up for you and it can make your life a whole lot easier. And the ART P48... while an investment... is hardly an "investment" at all. It's stupidly affordable and offers all the features you want, with 1/4" balanced TRS jacks, both normal and half-normal operation, and even reversible rack ears. If you need a patchbay, you can't go wrong with the 48-point ART P48.