Radial PZ-DI Piezo-optimized Direct Box 2-Day Delivery

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Radial PZ-DI Piezo-optimized Direct Box
  • Optimized for orchestral instruments on a live stage Adjustable load for piezo and magnetic pickups Variable low-cut filter to control bass resonance 48V phantom powered, does not require batteries
Product Description
The Radial PZ-DI is a unique direct box that lets you match input impedance to the source. The PZ-DI sports a 3-position load switch that optimizes for orchestral instruments with piezo pickups; acoustic, electric, and bass guitars with magnetic pickups; and older low-output instruments. A variable high-pass filter eliminates rumble and (working with the built-in polarity reverse) eliminates feedback, while a low-pass filter lets you mellow the top end of active instruments. If you need a DI, why not get one that works great with all instruments? That would be the Radial PZ-DI.