Lava LCPBKTR Mini ELC Cable Pedalboard Kit with Right Angle Plug 10 ft Right Angle Solderless plugs

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Lava Mini ELC Cable Pedalboard Kit with Right Angle Plug 10 ft. Cable/10 ft. Right Angle Solderless plugs/stripping tool
  • Lowest capacitance phono plug avaliable for instument cable use
  • Smallest profile and body width of any solder-free plug available making it ideal for pedal boards
  • Matched cable has low capacitance of 15 pF/ft and is extremely flexible
  • Easy to assemble
  • Most reliable plug of its type due to 360 degree ground connection - revolutionary design
Product Description

The Lava Solder-Free Pedalboard Kit includes 10 feet of Mini ELC Cable, 10 Lava plugs, and a stripping tool.Lava Cable DIY solder-free plugs-developed with G&H Industries-is specifically designed with tight tolerances to match the Lava Mini ELC cable. The Lava Plug is the first solder-free DIY plug on the market not to use a set screw to make the ground connection. Instead, Lava Cable plugs employ a sleeve that makes a 360 ground and outer jacket contact.The right angle plug was introduced at Summer NAMM 2009 and it may be the smallest DIY solder-free right angle plug on the market-with a body width of .435", for spacing between pedals of less than 1"-or less than 1/2" when staggered.