TC Electronic Spark Booster Guitar Pedal

TC Electronic
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TC Electronic Spark Booster Guitar Pedal
  • 26 dB of boost Level knob Place after existing distortion/overdrive to enhance drive sounds.Add grit, life and compression to your tone Add body, punch and warmth to pickups Mid-boost Active EQ True bypass DC adapter sold separately
Product Description
Give your sound the boost it needs with the TC Electronic Spark Booster. Whether you want a clean boost or a snarling punch that cuts through the mix, the Spark Booster is the pedal you need. TC Electronic's Spark booster is not your average boost pedal, it offers a 2-band EQ, 3-way character switch, gain, and level controls that let you create your ideal boost sound. It also packs a whopping 26db of boost! Use it to push your amp over the edge for classic tube amp sounds, or for a clean boost that showcases your solo. Add the TC Electronic Spark Booster to your pedalboard and boost your sonic creativity!