Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12" 60-Watt Powered Cabinet

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These days, we all own pieces of gear that create unbelievable tones. Just take a look at the awesome offering of amp simulators, emulators, and all-in-one practice tools out there. So, what if you have a stompbox or rackmount unit that does everything you need tonally? How do you get those tones heard on the big stage? Well, that's when you turn to Tech 21's very cool Power Engine 60. This 60-watt, 1x12" powered extension cabinet was designed with one thing in mind: transparency. Just get your gear hooked into it either via XLR or 1/4", and know your cabinet's not coloring your carefully crafted tone. But you do have a 3-band EQ for helping compensate with the room's acoustics. Very handy, very clean: that's the Tech 21 Power Engine 60.


  • 12" speaker60W of power Open-backed cab design Level control and three-band active tone
  • Daisy-chain multiple Power Engines together for added power