Seymour Duncan 11028-01 Antiquity Strat Texas Hots Pickup Set Vintage

Seymour Duncan
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Seymour Duncan Antiquity Strat Texas Hots Pickup Set Vintage

  • Top pickup length: 2.642 "Top pickup width: .615" Bottom pickup length: 3.392 "Bottom pickup width: .908" Total pickup height: .582 "Total magnet height: .705" Winding direction: Top going Magnet polarity: North Calibrated: Yes Pickup cover length: 2.75" Pickup cover width: .700" Pickup cover height: .495" Height adjustment: 6/32" oval head, phillips Magnet pattern: Staggered and raised above flat work DC Ohms: 6.3K Inductance: 2.87 henriesQ: 2.39

Product Description

Each Texas Hot is carefully assembled and hand-wound like the traditional classics. Careful attention to details like scatter-winding ensures that the Texas Hot looks and sounds like a classic Strat should. Seymor Duncan makes them for the player wanting the closest re-creation of a vintage pickup. The magnets are calibrated and the coils are wound "top going" with "north" magnetic polarity, the same as the early vintage models. Each cover is individually aged: not just injection molded with custom colored plastics. Each pickup comes complete with screws, schematics and vintage "push back" cloth braid hookup wire.