Ludwig LAP23SSL Atlas Pro II Snare Stand

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Ludwig Atlas Pro II Snare Stand

  • The Pillar Clutch (Patent Pend.) Low-contact basket grips Aero dyne tilter Vice-grip tube joint with integrated memory lock Vibration-reducing rubber feet Tripod Memory lock Accommodates 10" to 16" drums

Product Description

Featuring the revolutionary, folding and removable "Pillar Clutch" basket for optimum performance, the Ludwig Atlas Pro II Snare Stand is a supple and solid foundation for backbeats of all genres. With low-contact basket grips and an aerodyne tilter, the snare basket also offers firm strength for any drum (snare or rack tom) at almost any angle. The vice-grip tube joint with memory lock also provides a strong grip with minimal wear on the support tubing, while memory locks (on the mast and tripod) ensure a quick and easy setup.