Dream Cymbals VBCRRI22 Vintage Bliss 22" Crash/Ride Cymbal 2-Day Delivery

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Dream Vintage Bliss 22" Crash/Ride Cymbal
2204 grams

Model Description

The very first Bliss prototypes were a unique micro-lathed hand hammered cymbal with a signature soft edge,

low profile bell and gradual taper. Overnight these became collector’s items. So popular, Dream released them

as their own specific line as the Vintage Bliss.

The unique lower bell and profile of Vintage Bliss cymbals give them a distinctly darker pitch than standard Bliss models. 

Supremely responsive and full bodied with a medium-fast decay. These make truly functional crash-rides...

Full and punchy when crashed while maintaining a defined riding stick sound supported by a balanced swell of wash.

  • Surface: micro-lathed by hand
  • Bow: very low gentle bridge
  • Bell: broad shoulder, smooth transition medium low height, very integrated sound
  • Weight: thin, tapers at edge
  • Hammering: hand hammered before and after lathing
  • Stick: woody round attack
  • Wash: tons of wash, dragons breath, loose, fairly quick decay.