Dream Cymbals VBCRRI18 Vintage Bliss Series 18" Crash Ride Cymbal 2-Day Delivery

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Dream Vintage Bliss Series 18" Crash Ride Cymbal

Product Description
New Dream Vintage Bliss 18" Crash Ride Cymbal Bliss Cymbals are the flagship line from Dream. Bliss Series are vintage style cymbals with a personality all their own. Offered in even sizes, they are totally hand hammered, microlathed plates with a low bridge, small but clear bells and are quite thin. They are exceptionally resilient and slightly soft on the stick. The undertones are warm and rich but never overpower the stick sound. The separation between stick and overtones is clear and the pitch range is low and dark. These cymbals are exceptionally versatile and are suitable for all musical applications. These cymbals are tagged crash/ride because they are so versatile. Quite thin, they produce explosive crashes that get out of the way with medium decay. They offer a soft but clear stick sound, and unchoked musical bell tone. These Bliss Cymbals are perfectly suited for all musical styles, especially Jazz, Blues, Symphonic, pop, just about anywhere that making a rich full bodied musical statement is required.