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Bliss 18” RIDE Cymbal

1684 grams

Sound Description & Characteristics

Heavier than  the Bliss Crash-Ride for a more present stick sound, yet still

very Crash-able, doubling well as an explosive "rock-crash" for brighter,

louder accents.

"Plays" and is shaped and tapered very similar to the 20" Bliss Ride but with

a higher pitch and slightly shorter sustain from is smaller size.

 Much like an Energy Series 18 Crash in weight, the 18 Bliss

Ride is extremely well suited as a dark, Heavy/Rock Crash.


An all around great and versatile 18 to have in the mix of any

Bliss and/or Energy series/ collection.



Bliss Series Specifications:


·        Surface: micro lathed by hand

·        Bow: low gentle bridge

·        Bell: articulate, clear

·        Weight: medium-thin, slight taper at edge

·        Hammering: hand hammered before and after lathing

·        Stick:  round attack

Dream Warranty Protection:


All Dream cymbals and gongs are hand-crafted and differences are expected and appreciated from one model to the next.


All Dream cymbals and gongs are covered by a 2 year warranty against defects of material and workmanship.