Dream Cymbals EHH15 Energy Hi-Hat Cymbals 15" 2-Day Delivery

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Dream Energy Hi-Hat Cymbals 15" 


1395 gram top

1550 gram bottom

Description & Sound Characteristics 


Energy Hi Hats are darker than Bliss hats when played closed but with a much thicker timbre.

Like Energy Rides and Crash-Rides, they are made with a fairly low profile and have deep

hammering which combine to generate a low and darker pitch for their weight.


The Energy top hat features a micro-lathing texture for complex overtones while the raw,

un-lathed bell and entirely un-lathed bottom hat adds dry focus to the mid-range to add to the

darker perceived sound when played closed.

Open them up and Dream hats speak with a higher pitch and easily can reach high-volume level



These hats are full bodied, warm, dark, cutting, slightly dry and very diverse for many music genre's.

The stick sound is round and woody and foot "chick" is warm,

 articulate, heavy and cutting.

Energy Hat Specifications:


·        Surface: micro lathed by hand, bottom hat unlathed

·       Bow:  Medium taper, gradual bridge, flatter toward the bell

·       Bell:  Broad, Loud, Unlathed

·        Weight: medium to medium heavy

·        Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold.

·        Stick: slightly woody with cutting projection