Dream Cymbals Pang 18" Cymbal - PANG18

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Professional quality Hand-hammered cymbals made by a trusted Canadian cymbal company for over 10 years. Dream cymbals are unique and musical, ideal for any style of music. If you can dream it, Dream will help you perform it. Pang 18' Cymbal is a China hybrid with an inverted bell. A quick, bright, trashy and loud effect cymbal, the 18" Pang has a long sustain and is designed for louder music. The Pang series are high-end sounding, professional cymbals at an affordable price. Stand out from the rest, live the Dream.


  • China Hybrid Cymbal
  • Inverted Bell
  • Quick, bright trashy sound
  • Loud effect cymbal
  • Long sustain, designed for louder music