Dream Cymbals BSBF24 24 Inch Bliss Series Small Bell Flat Ride 2-Day Delivery

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Dream 24 Inch Bliss Series Small Bell Flat Ride

3011 grams

Series Description:
Bliss series are new cymbals made in the ancient tradition. Every one is an individual work of art, painstakingly hand forged, and hand hammered.

They have a warmth that seduces at low volume and thunders with a froth of dark undertones at more extreme volumes. These cymbals come alive, shimmering and wobbling as if the mere touch of human hands excites the cymbal and it can’t wait to get it’s voice out there and sing.

They are exceptionally resilient and slightly soft on the stick. The undertones are warm, rich, dark with an edge of dragon’s breath. Each one is a unique, complex voice that will excite your imagination.

  • Surface: micro lathed by hand
  • Bow: low gentle bridge
  • Bell: small, articulate, clear
  • Weight: thin tapers at edge
  • Hammering: hand hammered before and after lathing
  • Stick: woody round attack
  • Wash: lots of full spectrum wash, quick decay

Ride Cymbal Character:
The low profile and small half cup combined with a slightly thicker cymbal have created the ultimate Bliss ride. The articulation of a flat ride while remaining musical and vibrant.