Dark Matter Series Energy Crash - 18

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A crash like you've never heard before, the Dark Matter 18" energy crash speaks quickly with a vibrant air tone. Taken from the unique dark matter cymbal crafting process, you'll get a crash sound that is all unique to its own.

About The Dark Matter Series From Dream

The uniquely formed Dark Matter family of cymbals from Dream consist of three distinct models: Flat Earth, Moon Rides and Dark Matter Energy. Although the design and production methods are very different for each of the three models, one thing they all share in common is that they have been through the unique "Dark Matter" crafting process. This "Dark Matter" process involves returning an already finished cymbal back to the oven for repeated rounds of heating and hand hammering, only then to shock it at the end with a cold water bath. The resulting cymbal is one that is pure bronze on the inside, but with ash and soot from the oven fused with the top layer of metal. DARK MATTERS are essentially cymbals that have been created twice.

Cymbal Audio PreviewDark Matter 18" Energy Crash


  • 200-250, add-dream, cf-type-crash-cymbal, cf-vendor-dream, crash-cymbal, dream, over-100