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Product Description
The CSIDMAN can serve as a traditional delay pedal or go far beyond to reproduce glitch type sounds comparable to a skipping CD. As a delay pedal, it strives to reproduce echoes as true to the input as possible without filtering. When you utilize its scratched disc, stuttery, and glitchy behaviors, it is pseudo-random, yet gives you a certain amount of control over the randomness. Controls:TIME Controls the echo delay line s delay time up to 725mS, as well as the rate of the glitch.MIX Gives you control over the wet/dry balance from 100% wet to 100% dry.FEED Controls the amount of feedback going back into the unit.CUTS (used in conjunction with the LATCH knob) controls the buffer memory length.LATCH controls the relative time in a cycle that the CSIDMAN is in a latching skipping state. When full counterclockwise, it doesn t skip, allowing you to use the pedal as a traditional digital delay. When full clockwise, the unit is stuck repeating whatever is in the buffer memory. At noon, this knob is a 50/50 balance (though random) between a skip-playback state and non-skip sample state.