Fulltone '70 BC-108C Fuzz

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Looking for the definitive fuzz tone? The Fulltone '70 fuzz pedal may be just what you're looking for. This amazingly musical fuzz pedal uses a pair of intentionally mismatched silicon transistors for extra harmonic content. The wide-ranging Fuzz control takes your sound from fizzy spitting to snarling rage and back again. A mid control helps you maintain your tone's clarity while piling on the fuzz. And because it's made by Fulltone, with 16-gauge steel construction, you'll get years of awesome tone out of the Fulltone '70 fuzz pedal.

  • Reissue of the Fulltone 70 fuzz in a smaller (OCD-sized) housing
  • Mid knob provides extra clarity and cut
  • 16-gauge steel enclosure
  • Ideal for older 4-input Marshall amps
  • Two BC108C transistors, intentionally mismatched for harmonic content