Fulltone '69 mkII Fuzz Pedal

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Product description

Fulltone's '69 mkII fuzz pedal has a secret weapon for the ultimate fuzz tone - germanium transistors. Germanium is an element that used to be used frequently in audio gear, creating the vintage sounds we know and love. The '69 mkII uses germanium transistors to make your tone sing with vintage vibe, and features true bypass to keep your tone pure when the pedal is off. When you plug into the '69 mkII and start tweaking the fuzz and contour controls, the richness and musicality will have you convinced you're playing the real deal. Whether you're looking for smooth sustain or filthy fuzzy funk, the Fulltone '69 mkII will serve it up.

  • Vintage-style fuzz that's fat and harmonic
  • Cleans up like a vintage Fender amp
  • Two hand-picked germanium transistors
  • Countour and Input trim knobs
  • Internal "bias" trimmer adjusts clipping symmetry, harmonics, and tracking