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Space-saving. Compact. Powerful. No, we're not talking about a new blender, we're talkin' BOSS pedals! The new BOSS FV-30H volume foot pedal was designed to give you full-size pedal playability and sound in a compact package. Plug in your guitar and play - you won't believe the responsiveness you get from this little beast. Its all-aluminum, die-cast construction gives it years of pedalboard residency, and the compact form-factor won't crowd the neighbors, keeping your effects rig maleable while the FV-30H gives you consistent control. With its rugged construction, classic BOSS tone and response and the convenience of a dedicated tuner output, the FV-30H pedal secures its place at your feet.


  • Space-saving volume pedals with rugged aluminum die-cast body designs
  • Silky feel with smooth pivot for maximum control
  • Tuner out jack
  • FV-30H for direct connection to high-impedance gear like electric guitars