Ortofon OM Scratch White DJ Cartridge Premounted on Black SH4 Headshell 2-Day Delivery

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Ortofon OM Scratch White DJ Cartridge Premounted on Black SH4 Headshell

  • Made in Denmark. High quality, specialist manufacturers
  • Reinforced rubber suspension
  • Made for heavy-duty scratching and back-cueing
  • Solid bass reproduction
  • Extended highs

Product Description
This custom run of White Ortofon Scratch OM Cartridges is a new colour spin on the popular pink Ortofon Scratch OM. The white outer casing is easy to see in any environment and is highlighted with blue text. Designed with scratch DJs in mind, the Ortolan DJ Scratch OM cartridge continuously handles the rigorous of scratching and back-cueing, night after night. Ortofon's Scratch OM is everything you need for a seamless set. The Ortofon Scratch OM Turntable Cartridge is an ideal choice if you're a DJ who wants increased tracking ability in your cartridge. The OM Scratch cartridge features a reinforced rubber suspension, so you don't have to worry about compromising sound quality and stylus life when working with higher tracking forces. Its solid bass reproduction and extended highs means the Scratch OM cartridge is great for any style, providing energetic, in-your-face sound. The Ortofon OM Scratch Cartridge is made from a fluorescent neon-red material which is luminous in certain lighting situations.