Ortofon O-One Pro DJ Headphones for Studio and Mixing

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Ortofon O-One Pro DJ Headphones for Studio and Mixing
  • Closed design, Foldable
  • Frequency range: 10-20,000Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 112 dB
  • Impedance: 40 ohm
Product Description
Ortofon O-One Headphone Brand new Ortofon O One Headphones offer you the same high quality as Ortofon's renowned styli and cartridges. O One headphones feature a strong, loud output signal (frequency range of 10-22,000Hz and sound pressure level of 112 dB) and rugged construction to withstand heavy-duty DJing or studio use. These highly sensitive Ortofon headphones work great with any DJ mixer and can even compensate for mixers with low headphone output even in loud DJ environments. O One headphones feature a closed-ear design with flexible, replaceable earpads and a detachable, single-sided headphone cord. The high-quality sound reproduction of Ortofon O One Headphones make them great not only for club DJs, but for discerning home listeners as well.