Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Distortion and Boost

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Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Distortion and Boost Pedal
  • Portions of Tech 21's SansAmp technology have been incorporated into the Hot-Rod Plexi to generate organic tube amp distortion characteristics Tone is a very musical, specialized low pass filter that cuts the high end without losing mids or getting muddyDrive adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive, similar to when the output section of a tube amp is being pushedThump takes care of the low end for the resonant frequency of a 4x12 cabinet1/4" high-impedance input1/4" low-impedance output
Product Description
What? Another distortion stompbox? Don't judge too quickly - the Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi distortion pedal will completely change the personality of your amp, imbuing it with an unbelievable Marshall-like tone. It will provide you with the familiar loud, warm, bluesy rock tone of a Marshall turned up to ten - without freaking out your neighbors. The all-analog Hot-Rod Plexi delivers a dynamic variety of sounds, thanks to its Tone, Punch, and Drive controls. Turn any amp into a British stack with the Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Distortion and Boost Pedal!