Schatten Design CH-3 Artist Celtic and Pedal Harp Pickup 2-Day Delivery

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Schatten CH-3-Artist Celtic and Pedal Harp Pickup
  • For Celtic and Pedal Harps
  • High-output Preamp Included
  • Dual Sensor System
  • Easy to Install - No Modifications!
  • Full Two-year Warranty
Product Description
The Sound Quality Of A Studio Mic - The Convenience Of A Pickup Schatten's new CH-3 Artist pickup system is designed to work flawlessly on both Celtic harps and Pedal harps. This pickup delivers full, rich sound quality and ease of installation in one neat package. The pickup is completely non-invasive. There are no holes to drill and no modification is required to install this system. The piezo sensing unit is a further development of our HFN series of pickups and combines our Artist preamp with a revolutionary piezo design in soundboard mounted transducers. Simply put, what you get out of this pickup system is the exact sound of your harp -- it allows your harp to sound just like you know it sounds: fully acoustic, tonaly open, and warm. This pickup system has been tested on Lyon & Healy pedal harps, Salvi Celtic and pedal harps, Triplett Celtic harps, Dusty Strings Celtic Harps, and Rees Celtic harps*. The CH-3 Artist fits properly and sounds good on all of these harps.