Roosebeck BTN4MT Inside Tunable Bodhran T-Bar, 14 x 3.5 Inches

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Product description

Primary rhythmic accompaniment for Celtic and Irish music. Contains a goatskin head and a mulberry wood frame with a natural finish and cut out, which allows player to comfortably reach hand in and apply pressure to head from the inside of frame. Player is able to tune drum by adjusting hardware hidden inside. Equipped with removable t bar in back to help support player's hand and wrist when playing. Includes a tipper and a tuning wrench.


  • Primary rhythmic accompaniment for Celtic and Irish music.14" x 3.5" shell size makes it easy to play and carry
  • Equipped with goatskin head and durable mulberry wood frame with single removable t-bar for hand/wrist support
  • Frame cut out provides extra comfort and support to player
  • Player can adjust tuning hardware for their specific playing needs; hardware is hidden inside frame, giving a clean look
  • Comes ready to play; includes tipper and tuning wrench