Radial JDX-48 Active Guitar Amp Direct Box 2-Day Delivery

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Radial JDX 48 - Active Guitar Amp Direct Box
  • Authentic replication of your sound without the inconsistencies of mikingEffective 412 cabinet emulationConsistent output show after showI-beam super-rugged construction
Product Description

Put your amp's tones directly into the mix with the Radial JDX 48 guitar amp direct box! The JDX 48 lets you take advantage of phantom power so you won't need an external power supply. Use it alone or in combination with a mic, onstage or in the studio, for great sound that stays true to your tone. But you don't always know if phantom power will be available when you have to use a venue's PA or borrow one from someone else to do the gig. So to make sure you're never without great sound, the Radial JDX 48 includes a power supply.