Radial Elevator Dual Mode Class-A Buffer

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Radial Elevator Dual Mode Class-A Buffer
  • 100% discrete, class-A circuit for absolute purityDrag Control load correction for natural toneLets you customize your signal for optimal performanceDelivers up to 18dB of ultra-clean power boost
Product Description
Part buffer, part clean booster, the Radial Elevator pedal revitalizes your guitar tone and adds extra punch to your pedalboard. On the input side, there's a 3-made buffer with a variable load control that lets you dial in a truly transparent sound. In drive mode, the buffer adds a variable degree of added gain to your signal that's perfect for pushing up weak signal or preloading effects. And if you don't want the buffer, just flip the switch to true bypass and cut the Elevator's buffer out entirely - that's the beauty of 100% discrete circuitry. On the output side, there's a footswitchable clean booster, which offers up to 18dB of totally clean gain and a 3-way mid booster for added sustain. That's just what you need if you want to punch up a solo or push your tube guitar amp into overdrive bliss.