Keeley Hooke Spring Reverb Effects Pedal 2 day delivery

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Keeley Hooke Spring Reverb NEW!  FREE 2-DAY DELIVERY!!! AUTHORIZED DEALER!!!

  • The new Hooke Spring Reverb from Keeley brings vintage tube-amp spring reverb and tremolo into one package.
  • Bring your blackface reverb and tremolo on the road with you without lugging around your prized possession!
  • Choose from Classic Spring, Black Face Trem-n-Verb, or an organ like Fugue-Verb.
  • The Hooke Spring Reverb has the Spring Reverb mode. The main features of this mode include the Tone and Spring controls.
  • You won't believe the depth and warmth of this reverb. It's one of our finest creations.

All of the Classic Spring Tones and More

Keeley's Hooke reverb effects pedal is dripping with vintage-flavored spring reverb tones that will instantly transport you back to the best parts of '60s rock 'n' roll. The Hooke features a 3-way toggle that chooses between spring, trem-verb, and a church organ-like fugue mode. Open the pedal up and you'll find a control to release three new tones: long decay trem-verb, spring-plate, and vibro-spring. And you'll dial in your ambience via the tone and emulated spring tension knobs.