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Keeley Electronics Blacktop Vintage Silicon Fuzz Effect Pedal

  • Vintage Silicon Fairchild Semiconductor's 2N3565 transistor
  • Features level and fuzz controls
  • Switch from Spongy to Solo mode
  • Compact footprint saves pedalboard space
  • Made in USA

If you've ever peeked inside a vintage Big Muff, you may have been surprised to see that the transistors aren't the familiar semicircular prism shape. Instead, they're tiny black balls. Call them what you will—black tops, globe tops, dots—one things for sure: These suckers are distilled tone. And certain numbers are extremely hard to find in large quantities.

Robert Keeley calls them black tops, and from that, he derived the Blacktop fuzz, which uses real NOS Fairchild black top transistors. It's a relatively simple fuzz, but does it ever sing. Two knobs adorn the Blacktop, requisite Fuzz and Volume controls, the former runs the range from clean to saturated fuzz goodness.

A toggle switch cycles between “Spongy” and “Bold” modes. Really, these are like “normal” and “mid-boosted,” at least to our ears. Each one has its place in either rhythm or leads. Nudge the switch to Bold for chunky rhythm playing or Spongy for a great lead tone.

Uses NOS Fairchild “black top” transistors Toggle switch goes between Spongy and Bold modes Hand made in USA True bypass Standard 9v center-negative power operation