JHS Pedals SuperBolt Valco Supro Amp Tones Pedal w/ JHS Sticker 2-Day Air

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JHS SuperBolt Valco Supro Amp Tones Pedal w/ JHS Sticker
  • Includes a JHS Sticker!
  • Power requirements: Standard 9V
  • Includes Full Warranty
  • True Bypass Switching
Product Description
From the inception of the Supro Company in 1935 until its closing in 1968, no other brand of amplifier has had such a fascinating, mysterious and legendary story. The Supro® amps deliver the voice of rock and roll, from Jimmy Page's legendary Led Zeppelin recordings or Brian Setzer's early Stray Cat tracks, to the raging rhythm tones of Switchfoot's Drew Shirley. If you have ever played one of these vintage amps then you know nothing sounds the same. No matter how high you take the volume, the amp delivers the same smooth but cutting tone that has shaped countless recordings over its 75+year history. The JHS SuperBolt overdrive pedal, at its heart, is a discreet circuit, designed to emulate the tone and character of the 1960's-era Supro® amps. From its touch-sensitivity to the way the pedal sags with tube rectifier color at higher gain settings, the SuperBolt will give any guitar rig a versatile and useful new set of tones, reminiscent of some of the greatest sounds ever recorded. With 3 simple knob controls named Volume, Tone, and Drive, you will have the ability to make any guitar rig drip with vintage soul and attitude that no pedal has ever delivered- until now.